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I am in love with your blog, it's so wonderful and I have to say I am really really liking your new edits!!

Oh my gosh!! You’re amazing!! Thank you SO much!! <3 I love your blog and you’re perf!

So you have three boys in your family?

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Tris: "You’re not very nice," she says, grinning.
Tobias: "You’re one to talk."
Tris: "Hey, I could be nice if I tried."
Tobias: "Hmm." He taps his chin. ”Say something nice, then.”
Tris: “You’re very good-looking.”
Tobias: He smiles, his teeth a flash in this dark. "I like this ‘nice’ thing."


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"Miles is the best. There is no one quite like him in the world. And he’s such a bloody good actor."

                                                       - Shailene Woodley (x)

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Come off anon and be best friends with me!!! <3 Please! We can fan-girl together and asdfghjkl; 

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